Ski adventure and more.

Hi all,
Welcome to my new blog there is happened a lot in the last 1.5 week so lets start quickly.

Friday 19th of January did i have a personal trainings session (at the gym) got some help with some equipment and machines that i didn't know which was nice.
Further had a relaxing and good day with the boys in the afternoon. Later took José the boys for a tennis training away so i had the whole house for myself which was great and quiet hihi, enjoyed it.
Saturday a nice sleep in later helped out driving with the boys sports. Around noon José, the boys and I headed to New York City. At 2pm started the show Phantom of the Opera, we just made it in time because of the traffic and the show was amazing. The voices of all where unbelievable and great decor.
After the show we went backstage because one of the lead singers is a good friend of José. This was the cherry on top of this afternoon. What a fantastic experience to see how it goes back stage of a show that already goes for 30 years there.
Early evening went to Larchmont a place 10 min drive. Where I had dinner with 3 other au pairs, Dutch girl ( goes home in 4 days), German and Austrian.
After dinner drove my car back home and went with one car to White Plains where i experienced my first night out in USA. Because of the drinking age of 21 were the people bit older then in The Netherlands what i thought was great. The evening/night was fun. So know for sure that wasn't the last time i went clubbing.

Sunday took the boys just after noon to the beach club for the ice hockey rink where we stayed till 3.30pm. Boys had fun and more and more people came which was great so played hockey at some point 8 against 8, great fun.
Had dinner at one of David and José close friends.
Lots of people I'm meeting in these first weeks but great that the family shares this with me.

A next week start at Monday. First time without help. José was at her office and David was traveling. After school i took the boys to there after school activities which went well and no trouble.
During the week i got more and more comfortable with all there activities and places. Tuesday evening Storm "current au pair" took the boys out for dinner and José/ David were busy working. The au pairs in the area do Taco tuesday so of i went to the place. Met lots of new au pairs. The first time when i looked at the time it was 11.00pm oepss time to go. But at least it was fun.
Wednesday was Starbucks night, great there are so many au pairs in the area and doing so many things together.

Friday after school we were all packed to go to Jimminy Peak skiing. After a car trip of 2.5 hours we came at our apartment. Great spot, after a game of monopoly we went to bed and got charged up for tomorrow.
Saturday morning a good breakfast and getting ready to ski. First rent all the stuff for the boys then i went to my ski school and got my equipment. At 10 am it started and for the next 2 hours i was learning for the first time how to go down a hill on skies. To be honest it didn't go that bad at all. Without that much trouble i went down the hill learning every time more, best of all it was fun.
After the 2 hour lesson i had till 4pm to practice practice and practice.
First a good lunch and of i went again. Getting more confident on the skies.
At 3pm my legs were done with it as so was the rest of my body was a great day. Sun was shining and it was warm no wind, perfect first time.
Rest of the day we spent together with neighbors from our street. Great to meet them and had a nice dinner and some drinks :).

Sunday was pack day. The weather wasn't so good. Just a relaxing morning on the way back we had lunch in a little village in a french restaurant.
In the afternoon Stephen had a basketball game so straight when we got home he went together with David and for the rest was a bit of rest.
Around 5pm we went to the beach club for a drink and some dinner they had organized a winter party.  So again for me meeting lots and lots more people.

Monday back to normal after a busy but fun weekend.
Boys all good to go for school without problems. After dropping them off, went to the gym. After this weekend that was really necessary.
Had lunch with some other au pairs, the sun was out all day so after lunch and before i had to pick the boys up some sun time :).

I have only been here by the Kidder Family for 2,5 weeks, if feels much longer done so much and being really busy. Curious what the next week will bring. So far so good.

See you all hopefully next time again.





Wat bof jij zeg. Het is wel grappig als je zegt "ik reed in mijn auto naar.. . " en dan bedoel je die joekel. En onze sportieve zoon doet effe een lesje skieen en is erg tevreden. Cool zeg.

Rik van Soest

Yes "mine" car or at least the car of the au pair is the big one. But i totally got used to it already love driving it.
All the current au pairs did like the Jeep from José more but i definitely like the big car the best.

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