Skiing, beachvolleyball and more

Heey all,
Its been a couple weeks ago i wrote something on my blog.

Enjoy everyone. 

Last time i was still in Aspen Colorado, what an amazing place that is. After tuesday first day skiing  i went skiing again on Wednesday. Was more comfortable with these things under my feet :). If i would say it myself i went pretty good down the hill and got a bit of speed. It was a great experience for the first time skiing and then at this place magical. On Thursday i decided to go in to Aspen first dropped of the kids and David so they can go skiing for the last day. Then i took the car to by a tourist information asked for a little hike. On the route did see some massive and amazing houses but what else would you expect here in Aspen. The end i had to improvise a bit because the track didn't came all the way back as i was following a river. Went over a little bridge to the other side and last 10 min hiking through high snow, went in till at least over my ankle.
Back in the village went in the Gondola to the top of the mountain the sun was shining when i went in to buy a ticket when i was in the lift snow and clouds came in and gone was the view :o. On the top luckily was there more luck and parts of the clouds disappeared and finally saw some of the amazing scenery i was in. It was already lunch time and hoping with a little bit more time the clouds will disappear more. The luck was on my side because when i went back out the clouds were gone and could make some amazing pictures. Also decide to make a little walk a bit higher up came on a little path where not that many people went and with some steps the snow came till my knees :). It was so much fun.
On the way back with the Gondola the clouds were gone so i could make some great pictures and enjoy the fantastic views and scenery.
Picked up the fam at snow mass Village where they went skiing and drove home. For the last 5 km i walked home as i love hiking and wanna enjoy this nature while i can ;).
What an amazing week it has been thank you so much Kidder Family.
Friday flight back first to LA where the family did stay for the weekend and i went back to NY. Was great to have some relaxing days alone at home.
Saturday 24 March a dutch friend "Maaike" came over and made dinner together and watched later the mens ice hockey final as the Olympics were still on.
Sunday was a nice day and together with Max went to harbor island and played beach volleyball. It was so great to be playing again still bit anxious but i loved it.  

The following week back to work. Unfortunately Lucas had caught a bad cough and on Monday had to pick him up from school after a half day. Tuesday went to the doctor and give some medicine. The rest of the week what ever i tried nothing improved the cough. So a longer week for me with him home but luckily in the weekend he got better and the following week went back to school.
On Friday (2th of March) a storm came over NY and pulled over lot of trees and because the electricity wires are above ground , they got pulled down with the trees. Lots and lots of people came without power even the street on the back of our house but we were lucky :). Some friends of my host family weren't that lucky so they lost there power and the kids did stay with us from Monday.  
After the storm on Saturday went to a Brewery in Brooklyn was nice to see how they make it an they had some great beers. In the evening i did had to work so not much beer for me but will come back later i'm pretty sure as everybody liked it :).
On Wednesday i had my first ever free form school snow day. Because they where expecting a big snow storm with 18 to 30cm of snow. It was in the night to warm so it just rained. But around 10am the snow kicked in and then it went fast. During the day all kids (5) stayed home and played together inside later in the afternoon a snowball fight because without its not a snow day.
That evening the family had a flight to Iceland and with a miracle there flight wasn't delayed and the went off to Iceland till Sunday.
Because the friends of the Kidders still didn't have power, came and join me from Thursday. They are also dutch sand was nice to have some people around. The following days no work for me what is great met some friends and to the gym when ever i wanted. On Friday went out in White Plains was awesome. Saturday an early St Patricks Parade in White Plains where i went with some friends. Later at home the dutch family had finally power so they went home. One of my friends came over and made dinner together and watched some movies was a nice and relaxing evening.
Last night daylight saving came and now it is 5 hours difference for 2 weeks with home.

Today a cleaning up day and relaxing before madness start again tomorrow when the kids are home. A good thing to look forwards is the following weekend I'm going to Boston for St Patricks Day with some friends looking forwards to it.

Bye bye all speak to you soon.
If you got any questions let me know.


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