Spring is coming

Hi All, 

First off all the spring is officially in but the weather wants to confuse us here with still snow last week. Now it looks like its getting warmer but for sure more sun so hopefully we finally can enjoy the warmer weather.

Lets go back were we ended the last blog:
Sunday March 11th i picked up the boys and José from the airport. They went for 4 days to Iceland (David stays for one more week in Iceland with his company) while i had the house for myself :). Monday was it back to normal a painful thing for the boys as they came home late yesterday but luckily made it to school ;). Jack did audition for the musical "high school musical" at school and got a role. Couple of days a week he stays longer at school to do rehearsals. Other then that no new things during the week.
Saturday March 17th it was St. Patricks day and had decided with a couple of friends to celebrate it in Boston. Early Saturday morning as i was driving, picked up everybody and off we went. With a little detour (sightseeing) to Newport over some great bridges, and some stops did we came around Lunchtime at our Airbnb. Bought some alcohol and some food, the rest of the afternoon getting ready for tonight :). Around 18.00 we went into Boston doing our tour in the Irish pubs :). Unfortunately one of my friends forgot his phone in an uber and that was basically the end of our evening out. They are really strict in Boston with identification so we had to show our passport in every club/pub. Thats to risky to take with us and they accept a photo too but these are on our phone. To be honest wasn't to bad for me to go home around 00.00. As my alarm went at 5.00 this morning and been drinking for a while. As soon as i hit my bed in the Airbnb i was fast asleep.
Sunday playing the tourist in Boston first to the Harvard University a whole village with great historic buildings. There was a really cold icy cutting wind in Boston. Didn't stay too long outside. After we saw a bit back to the car and parked our car in Boston city. Pretty expensive as we had to pay $40 for 3.5 hour parking :o.  But well we are in the middle of the centre. A quick lunch and some heating up so we can go again outside and see more of Boston. Nice city not so big but still a great look. Around 17.00 back to the car and started the trip back home. Around 23.00 after everybody to have dropped off i was finally home it was a long but great weekend.

On Wednesday the kids had another snow day. I don't know what is or went wrong but woke up and no snow. Finally at 11.00 it started to snow and of course then it went fast but the kids could have gone at least a half day to school but well next time better. So another snowstorm came over but on Friday everything was gone it goes so quick eith the changing temperatures.
That weekend (March 24-25) decided with 2 friends Maaike (dutch) and Julia (Brazilian) to go into NYC. Brought my camera to make some pictures and be the tourist in our city. Walked lots but it was it worth because we did see so many places and the weather was great. Saw from a distance Statue of Liberty. Walked over the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge. As well as over the first freight railway. Around 18.00 Maaike went home and Julia and i bought some tickets for an Ice-hockey game from the New York Islanders was not the best ice-hockey there is but it was fun to watch.  Because we hadn't walked enough haha, we walked back over the Brooklyn bridge were you have an awesome view over Manhattan. Because it was late there just a couple of people on the bridge and the view was spectacular in the dark :). After some more pictures went home and slept really well :).
Sunday went to church with the family and after to a brunch at the beach club.

The last week for the boys before Springbreak. Friday was their first vacation day. Relaxing at home :).
Saturday went again to the city this time to have lunch with 4 other dutch au pairs was funny to speak with so many dutch people but because i'm still doing my best to speak dutch to the kids isn't it to hard to switch from English to Dutch.
Easter Sunday at 9.00 church after church bit home and then went for Brunch to the Beachclub with some friends of David and José. So much food and everything nicely decorated. I went a bit earlier home with Jack to hide all the easter eggs. For the kids Easter hunt. We have a big garden so lots of places to look, the kids enjoyed it.
Later that day i went for a drink with 2 other friends. Other then in The Netherlands here in USA they only have Easter Sunday so Monday was back to action. Jack and Stephen (oldest and middle hostkid) suppose to have a Lacrosse clinic in the morning and i went with Lucas and a friend of him to Legoland. The weather forecast did predict a bit of snow in the night/morning but when i opened my curtains everything was covered under 10-15cm of snow. This should have been the first day of free from school :). I do have a big GMC Denali truck to drive, i didn't mind to drive and still went to Legoland in a mall. Was great fun for the boys and spent a morning with building and having fun after had lunch and went home.
Following days every morning the boys where busy with different clinics and gave me a bit of free time what i normally used to go to the gym. Tuesday went to the movies "Sherlock Gnomes" Terrible movie haha and later to Sweet Charlies (hand rolled ice cream) great to see how they make the ice cream. On Friday with David and the boys to a climbing adventure park. Just opened last Saturday so everything was brand new. The weather was oke but not great what made it really quiet and we didn't have to wait so a win win.  
Yesterday April 8th went by bike to a watchmaker to replace a battery. Felt good to be back on 2 wheels :). In the evening went to White Plains to have a great evening with some Brazilian friends.

While I'm writing this it is Sunday afternoon. Had a nice sleep in and a relaxing day ahead of me.
José left last Friday for 10days to Canada for her work. David will leave tomorrow for 5 days to Canada too. Kaisa (babysitter) will come over to help me with the boys so we can rock this week. Lacrosse season just have started what makes the weeks even more busy but great fun for the boys. Wish me luck this following week ;).
Also last month i got a movie pass. For the next year i can watch unlimited movies in the cinema what of course i already with 4 movies. Lots to see more :).

Have all a great week and speak to you soon hopefully a bit earlier then this time. If not in 2 weeks I'm going to Miami with Maaike really looking forward to some nice weather and a great adventure.

Ciao Ciao.
All the way form NYC




Wat fantastisch om weer te lezen. Waar zijn die mooie foto's van New York City en Boston?
Hier is het dit weekend heerlijk weer geweest, echt lenteweer 🌞😎

Rik van Soest

Done the photos are online too. Take a look in the folders NYC and Boston

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